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I know I really have been neglecting this blog, but nothing too adventurous has really happened.  It’s been pretty mellow I would say.  You know we do our thing, we go out to eat, we chill at home, we go to school, homework :P bleh, and just hang out.  Well last Thursday and the past Thursday and Friday I went out all three times with different friends to the bars and clubs.  The hotspots seem to be Sam Sam and Rich.  Sam Sam is this cute little bar thats connected all these other restaurants, bars and mini clubs and all.  Rich is just a club, almost like the Complex I guess, just instead of all gays there’s all Asians.  Anyways the picture above is me with a lamp at Sam Sam, they have some weird things in that place, such as this lamp, with naked barbie dolls glued all around it, some of them are missing heads…  I just had to get a picture of it.

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